Lapiplasty – Bunion surgery that provides lasting results for your bunion correction. 

  • Corrects the root cause of your bunions (unstable joint)
  • A 3D fix to a 3D problem 
  • Get back on your feet faster
Bunion Correction West Hartford

Lapiplasty – Bunion Correction May Improve Every Day Life

Every step you take can trigger bunion pain because the weight of your body is resting on that bunion. There are several treatment options available but they do not fix the problem. Bunions can be progressive and may persist without surgical correction.

Get 3D Bunion Correction with Lapiplasty

Traditional 2D osteotomy surgery only cuts and shifts the bone to provide cosmetic relief. Our 3D Bunion correction addresses the entire bone and secures the unstable bone. Lapiplasty has a low reoccurrence in patients. 97% to 99% of patients who received Lapiplasty for bunion correction were still bunion free at 14 and 17 months post surgery. 

Traditional Bunion 2D Surgery

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Lapiplasty 3d Bunion Correction

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Lapiplasty Recovery

This is a typical recovery. Depending on your particular case your times may vary. Please consult with our doctors at West Hartford Podiatry to get details about your expected recovery process.
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Lapiplasty Bunion Surgery - Before & After Results

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