Every step we take puts pressure on our feet and ankles, making them vulnerable to significant trauma. Injuries are quite common, too: According to a study published in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery, approximately 1 in 4 people will experience a foot or ankle injury each year. While minor bumps and bruises may heal on their own, several lower extremity conditions will require immediate medical attention.

West Hartford Podiatry Associates has an established reputation for handling emergency cases with speed and comprehensive care, so for this blog post, we wanted to share a little more about which kinds of injuries a foot and ankle specialist can help you with right away.

Severe Sprains

Severe sprains can involve ligament tears that require prompt medical attention. Podiatrists’ specialized skills allow them to accurately assess the severity of the sprain, provide swift immobilization with braces casts, and ensure a faster recovery.


    A broken bone in the foot or ankle can be painful and debilitating. While ERs are equipped to diagnose fractures, podiatrists have in-depth knowledge of these specific breaks and their unique healing patterns.

    Deep Cuts and Puncture Wounds

    Puncture wounds from nails or other sharp objects can lead to serious infections. While ERs can clean and close wounds, podiatrists are trained in advanced wound care techniques specifically for the foot and ankle. They can thoroughly irrigate the area, remove debris, and prescribe appropriate antibiotics to minimize infection risk.

    Why Choose a Podiatrist for Urgent Foot Care?

    For foot and ankle emergencies, podiatrists offer several advantages over ER facilities:

    • ERs are often overwhelmed with various emergencies. Podiatrists typically have shorter wait times, allowing for quicker assessment and treatment.
    • Podiatrists’ specialized knowledge ensures a more in-depth evaluation and targeted plan for mending your specific injury.

    At West Hartford Podiatry AssociatesDr. Marc Lederman and Dr. Kurt Rode treat ankle sprainsfracturesrunning injuriessports injuriesbunionshammertoesheel painneuromas, and more. If you’re in need of emergency services, we can treat you faster than an urgent care clinic! Contact us online for your foot and ankle needs, or call (860)236-2564. Our office is at 2531 Albany Ave, West Hartford, CT 06117.