Let’s face it: Men often neglect their feet. They shove them into work boots, weekend sneakers, and the occasional questionable sandal without much care for what happens.

However, hardworking soles deserve some TLC! Healthy feet are the foundation for an active, pain-free life, so it’s time for men to step up their foot care game. In light of that, here are three simple steps every man can take to keep his feet healthy and feeling fantastic.

  1. Ditch The Tight Kicks. Cramming your feet into shoes that are too small or narrow is a recipe for disaster. Bunions and hammertoes can often be traced back to ill-fitting footwear. Invest in shoes that hug your feet comfortably without pinching or constricting. Select wide-width shoes if needed and prioritize quality materials like leather or breathable mesh.
  2. Keep It Clean! We all know the importance of handwashing, but how often do we give our feet a good scrub? Wash your feet daily with warm water and soap, paying close attention to the spaces between your toes. Dry them thoroughly, and exfoliate once a week, too.
  3. Trim Those Toenails. Long, neglected toenails are a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, and they can also snag on socks and shoes, leading to painful ingrown nails. Clip your toenails straight across, avoiding the rounded corners that encourage ingrowth. Use sharp toenail clippers and avoid cutting too close to the skin.

Bonus tip, guys: If you’re experiencing chronic foot pain, persistent odor, or any other concerning symptoms, schedule an appointment with a podiatrist. They can diagnose and treat a wide range of foot conditions and provide personalized advice for keeping your feet healthy and happy.

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