Living with arthritis can cause you to limit your daily activity, preventing you from enjoying some of the things you love. Even though there’s no cure for this condition, there are plenty of ways to treat and overcome arthritis with the help of your podiatrist. Here’s a simple guide for taking care of your arthritis.

Ask About Inserts

One of the best ways to manage arthritis is by considering custom orthotics and shoe inserts. Orthotics are designed to be worn inside your shoe, providing support and lessening the pain of the condition you’re dealing with. For arthritis, they can also put less pressure on your joints and increase mobility.

Steer Clear of Injuries

Minimizing any activities that further aggravate your condition is highly recommended. For those who love to go on a daily run, limit your activity to a short walk. Always pay attention to how your body responds and adjust from there. If you push yourself too far, you risk injuring yourself. Swimming and cycling are also great alternatives to high-impact sports. Staying active despite arthritis is important since maintaining a healthy weight can help put less stress on your joints.

Consider Your Pain-Management Options

There are plenty of exercises that help increase flexibility and strengthen muscles in your feet and ankles. Your podiatrist can help you develop a personalized exercise routine that fits your needs. In most cases, physical therapy is a great way to lessen pain from arthritis. But for others, exercise and movement can lead to more pain. If this is the case, let your podiatrist know.

Talk With Your Podiatrist

If your arthritis pain and discomfort impact your life daily, it might be time to talk with your podiatrist about surgery. There are numerous types of surgery, all based on where your arthritis is located and its impact on your joints.

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