Weather can play a large part in staying safe during our activities and sports. Just like the summer heat and humidity can lead to exhaustion and dehydration, winter has its fair share of effects on your body, too. From blisters to frostbite, it’s best to take precautions to avoid worst-case scenarios. Here’s how you can have fun and avoid injuries this winter! Injuries

Reduce Your Risk

Winter activities can put a lot of strain and pressure on your legs. Both your knees and ankles act as a “shock absorber” and brakes while you ski, snowboard, and skate. Using knee braces while you participate in winter sports can limit the risk of an injury.

Make sure your ski bindings are adequately adjusted according to your skill level and always fall to the side instead of forward or backward. For ankle sprains, which are most common during snowboarding, work on your balance with a wobble board. Consider sports insoles and ankle tape, as well.

Choose The Appropriate Gear

Dressing appropriately for whatever activity you’re participating in is key to comfortability and preventing an injury. Buying the right footwear can not only help with great performance, but it’ll save you from a trip to the emergency room or podiatry office. Using ice grips or traction devices can help with potential falls and slips.

If you’re using rental skates, make sure you try on a few sizes and choose the most comfortable one. Wearing thick, padded socks will help with blisters. Make sure you lace up your skates tightly around the ankle to prevent sprains.

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