Did you find plantar warts on the soles of your feet? They’re very common! Warts might seem like a small and harmless lump on your foot, but if left untreated, they may begin to create pain and discomfort when walking or standing. That’s why it’s important to call your podiatrist at the first sign of a wart. Today we’re sharing everything you need to know about warts, along with the perfect solution for them. Warts

What Is a Wart?

The virus HPV is the cause of plantar warts. When it enters through tiny cuts or breaks in the bottom of your feet, a small, rough growth appears. You can usually find them on the balls and heels of your feet, which bear the most pressure and weight. On darker skin, they may show up lighter than the rest of your skin tone. Here are some other common characteristics:

  • Callus over the wart
  • Small black dots in the middle of the wart
  • Wart clusters
  • Pain or tenderness when standing or walking is common

If you have any signs of bleeding, changes in shape or color, persistent warts, severe pain, diabetes, or a weakened immune system, don’t delay treatment. Call your foot doctor right away.

The Swift Therapy Treatment

West Hartford Podiatry offers the latest and most advanced technology for treating warts – Swift therapy. By using directed low-powered microwave energy, we can safely and quickly treat your warts. Most treatments for warts damage the wart tissue. And even after treatment, there’s a high percentage of them reoccurring.

Instead, Swift simply triggers the immune system and encourages it to resolve the wart on its own. After treatment, your body will recognize the HPV virus and build up an immunity to it, rather than ignoring it. There’s a less than 1% chance of warts reappearing after using Swift because of this.

Here’s why Swift is the warts solution you can rely on:

  • It’s a consistent and precise treatment
  • There’s a new applicator tip used for every session, meaning it’s clean and safe
  • Swift is FDA approved and has plenty of research showing its success
  • You’ll experience little to no pain
  • There are no wounds, anesthetics, aftercare, or medications with Swift
  • Each treatment lasts 5-10 minutes

Interested in treating your plantar warts with us? Call our office at 860-236-2564 and ask about Swift therapy today.

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