November is American Diabetes Month, and West Hartford Podiatry is here to raise awareness! Taking care of your feet when you have diabetes is crucial. And having daily foot care habits is the best way to prevent complications. How can you show your feet some love and attention when you have diabetes? We’ve listed some of our top tips for keeping your feet healthy and safe every month!


  1. Check your feet daily for anything unusual. If you see any redness, swelling, cuts, or blisters, contact your podiatrist and get it checked out.
  2. Never treat any blisters, cuts, or corns at home. Always seek the advice and treatment of a podiatrist.
  3. Wash your feet every day with lukewarm water and mild soap. Be sure to dry thoroughly, including in between your toes!
  4. Never walk barefoot. You never know if any glass or debris could be laying around and poke you.
  5. Wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes. Get your feet properly sized at a shoe store so you can get the right size.
  6. Protect your feet from any extreme temperatures. If your feet are cold, wear thick socks. Avoid hot water by checking the temperature of your shower or bath water before you hop in.
  7. Include daily exercise in your everyday routine. Working out can help lower blood pressure and any strain on your leg and ankles.
  8. Look into getting a pair of custom orthotics. They can help decrease any foot pain!
  9. Avoid sitting for long periods. If you work an office job, wiggle your toes and move your feet around to prevent swollen ankles and get your blood flowing.
  10. Lotion is a great way to treat your feet and get rid of dry skin. But steer clear of applying lotion in between your toes, as it can cause an infection.
  11. Regularly trim your toenails. Cut straight across the nail and file to soften edges. If you have trouble cutting your nails, consider going to a nail salon or a podiatrist that offers the service.
  12. Visit your podiatrist regularly. Don’t wait until you have a foot problem to see your doctor!

At West Hartford Podiatry Associates, Harvey Lederman, DPM, Marc Lederman, DPM, and Kurt Rode, DPM, treat a variety of foot and ankle conditions such as ankle sprains, fractures, running injuries, sports injuries, pediatric foot care, bunions, hammertoes, heel pain, and neuromas. We provide the best podiatric solutions to patients of all ages.