September is Falls Prevention Awareness Month and it is also Healthy Aging Month. With these two topics in mind, we’re considering our older patients. While aging gracefully, some concerns come along. Did you know that more than one out of four people older than 65 fall annually? The statistic comes from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If you care for an older loved one, here’s another fact: less than half of seniors who fall will tell the doctor. Fall

The doctors at West Hartford Podiatry Associates know the risks of falls and the impacts on overall health, including foot and ankle health. The risk of falls increases with age, but there are some things you and your family can do to stay safe. Keep reading for more tips.

Don’t fall for the myth that only older people fall. They are at an increased risk, but everyone should fall-proof their lifestyle; if you fall once, the likelihood of falling again doubles. Knowing this fact can cause fear and anxiety.

Here are three ways to fix problems to avoid a fall:

Find ways to fall-proof your home

Unfortunately, many falls happen at home. It is sad because we should feel safest here. If you are trying to reduce the risk of a tumble, consider adding nightlights, cleaning the clutter in rooms to make a clear pathway, and tossing slippery rugs.

Strengthen your bones

As we age, we must stay on top of our nutrients. We may lack vitamin D or even calcium, which puts our bones at risk of injury. For seniors, a fall can lead to a fracture. The recovery and loss of confidence in mobility can be life-altering.

Know the signs

Education is a key factor in prevention. If you or a loved one is experiencing balance issues, there’s a fall risk. New medication may have side effects that could lead to dizziness. Take note of new risks in your home and act fast. The decision could prevent a fall.

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