Ankle injuries are among the most common injuries we treat. If you are wondering why, think of how easy it is to move your ankle the wrong way. Whether you are playing a sport or simply walking across the room, there is a chance to make the wrong move. The type of injury occurs when the ankle moves unnaturally. While it is pretty common, it is also undertreated or even diagnosed. A minor ankle pain should still be a reason to visit the podiatrist.

The West Hartford Podiatry Associates doctors are the experts in treating ankle pain. Do you know there are many different ways you can injure your ankle? We’re here to share a bit more information and how you can prevent your ankles from taking the wrong turn. We can’t stress enough how important it is to seek medical help. Never ignore an ankle injury.

As you read below, you may notice similar symptoms that alert you of trouble. With the similarities, it can be difficult to name your ankle injury. Visiting a podiatrist can help. They can ask specific questions and take X-rays if necessary.

Ankle sprains

An ankle sprain is when one of your ligaments is injured. Remember, a wrong twist or turn can cause your ankle to move unnaturally. There is not a one-size-fits-all diagnosis for sprains. For some, the sprain may require more attention and time for recovery. 

Ankle strain

You may be diagnosed with an ankle strain if you stretch or tear your muscle or tendon. Again, the severity can differ. Consider what caused the strain. Beware of a tear, which can cause more pain. Rest is best for ankle injuries, including this one. 

Ankle fracture

A fracture is another word for a broken bone. To sound like a broken record, this type of injury also has many levels of severity. The break can be slight or so severe that the bone has broken through the skin. An X-ray is the best way to determine which fracture has occurred. 

Here is the bottom line: If you have an ankle injury, we are the ones to call. With similar symptoms and varying possibilities for severity, it’s best to connect with the experts. 

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