May has many opportunities to highlight the importance of women’s health. This month, we want to share more about ways women can care for their feet. Our team is here to remind you that foot health is part of overall health. If you’re skipping out on caring for your feet, you’re missing out on an important way to care for your body.

May 9 was National Women’s Checkup Day

Did you know there was even a day specifically dedicated to encouraging women to get a checkup this month? Don’t push your health care to the side. The doctors at West Hartford Podiatry Associates want to make things easier by sharing three tips:

  1. Prioritize your foot health21384514 M Woman Break Desk Feet Up Relax Computer

It may be hard to believe, but many overall health issues are first spotted on our feet. Caring for your feet has tremendous benefits, including inspecting your feet daily.

  • Look for recent changes to your feet
  • Schedule regular visits to the podiatrist
  • Keep your feet clean, dry, and protected
  1. Mind your heel height

There is nothing wrong with wearing a heel, but is it the best choice? Look at the heel height. We also recommend wearing heels for a limited time. We feel the same about the other extreme -– flip-flops.

  • Keep a backup pair of shoes
  • If your shoes cause pain, put them back on the shelf
  • Avoid narrow toe boxes
  1. Care for your feet

A pedicure is not the only way to care for your feet. Other practical tips include making sure you aren’t walking barefoot. Take a break if you have been on your feet for a while.

  • If you get a pedicure, watch for reviews on cleanliness
  • Invest in comfortable, non-slip house shoes
  • Kick up your feet and relax

If you have foot pain that is causing concern, we’re here to help. We want to listen to your unique foot needs and create a treatment plan. Remember the importance of your foot health during the interim, choose your heel height wisely, and do small things to care for your feet.

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