Winter is here, and we have seen some freezing temperatures — literally. As we bundle up and wonder if another round of snow is coming, we can’t put our foot hygiene routine to the side. During the winter, there are a few tips that can make sure your feet will be summer ready. From moisturizing regularly to using caution with heat, we’re sharing 10 tips to carry you through the winter season. Bundle up and take notes.


Throughout the season, the doctors at West Hartford Podiatry Associates have noticed common foot conditions that affect patients. Sometimes, the conditions remain untreated and may worsen over time.

Here are your 10 winter tips:

  1. Moisturize daily: Wash and dry your feet, but don’t forget to add moisture. Winter weather can bring on dry skin. Ask your doctor if a cream or a lotion is best for your skin.
  2. Warm with wisdom: Never place your feet near direct heat. While trying to stay warm, dress in layers.
  3. Keep your feet moving: Don’t forget to exercise! Circulation is important during winter, too.
  4. Wear clean, dry socks: Who wants stinky feet in the winter? Always wear clean, dry socks and avoid pairs with holes.
  5. Let your shoes dry: Sweaty shoes? Give them time to dry.
  6. Don’t dismiss dry, cracked heels: Watch dry skin and address it quickly. Contact your podiatrist.
  7. Don’t take a break on your podiatry appointments: Don’t reschedule or push appointments to the spring or summer. Stay on top of maintenance.
  8. Wear the right shoes for the weather: Winter weather can cause injuries. From snow to rain, wear shoes to give you the best traction.
  9. Watch out for changes: We keep our feet covered often during the winter, but don’t take a break on daily foot inspections.
  10. Support matters every season: From winter boots to rain boots, shop with comfort and support in mind.

Do you have any winter tips? Share these tips with a friend. We hope these recommendations keep your feet healthy and warm and ready for the warmer seasons ahead. We’re here to help you navigate the winter season.

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