We made it to the last month of the year! Pat yourself on the back. This year has been challenging, and we hope we have been able to support you and your family. As we look forward and think about what we may want to do differently next year, we encourage you to consider our top three bad habits that should be left behind.

bad habits

Bad Habit #1: Ignoring your foot health

Putting our health first can be a challenge, but it should be a priority. If you’re making goals for 2022, leave this bad habit behind. Instead, recognize the connection between your foot health and overall health. Don’t forget that you can also detect other conditions by looking at your feet.

Make the switch: Schedule your podiatry appointments for next year — now.

Bad Habit #2: Wearing the wrong size shoe

Brannock Device, anyone? The wrong size shoe is not only uncomfortable but also bad for your foot health. The wrong size shoe can make bunions even more painful. It can lead to increased friction, causing calluses and corns. Shoes that are too tight can reduce your circulation.

Make the switch: Get your feet measured professionally.

Bad Habit #3: Keeping shoes for too long

There are signs you could be missing that it is time to let your shoes go. If you see holes or tears, toss them. If you dread putting on shoes, even your favorite pair, it’s time to go shoe shopping. Don’t bring shoes into 2022 that will only cause you pain.

Make the switch: Opt for comfortable, well-fitting footwear with sufficient support.

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