The holiday season is near! From gathering with loved ones to tasting your favorite dishes, there is much to look forward to and enjoy. Do you know what we also observe during November? Raising awareness about diabetes. November is American Diabetes Month. Now is also the time to schedule a check-up. Prediabetes is a condition that can alert you to rising blood sugar levels. The doctors at West Hartford Podiatry Associates want to share three reasons why it’s important to regularly check your blood sugar levels.


Moderation is Key

We all want to relax a bit during the holiday season, but we must also choose our dishes wisely. Mismanaging blood sugar levels can have serious consequences. Remember, a level that is too low or too high should cause concern. On big days like Thanksgiving, start the day with a healthy breakfast choice. Then, monitor and adjust throughout the day.

Knowledge is power

By checking your blood sugar levels often, it is easier to know where you stand. Should you get another serving? Are your portions too large? Follow the rules of regular sugar checks to stay in control of your health this holiday season. If you are adjusting to a recent diabetes diagnosis, reach out to a family member or friend to help with accountability.

Know the risks

Do you know the common complications that can come along with diabetes? Neuropathy and poor circulation are examples. Unfortunately, high blood sugar levels can often be the culprit. Living life without regular checks can be concerning for a patient with diabetes. If you have questions about how to manage this condition, we’re here to help.

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