Summer is here, but don’t put foot and ankle safety on the sidelines. The doctors at West Hartford Podiatry Associates are here to help you enjoy this season while reducing your risk for foot and ankle injuries and conditions. Here are three tips for prioritizing your foot and ankle safety this summer.

foot safety

Keep your feet covered

Wearing socks and the right shoes is one of the best ways to protect your feet and ankles and avoid ankle sprainsfracturesrunning injuries, and sports injuries. As temperatures rise, you might opt for flip-flops but do so only when heading to the pool or the beach. While such footwear protects your feet from hot pavement and sharp objects, it lacks sufficient arch and ankle support. Going barefoot is not advised, especially for patients with diabetes, who may develop an infection from a cut or a scratch which can lead to further complications.

Don’t share shoes

Did you know that plantar warts are contagious? One of the ways they are passed along is when people share shoes, including shower shoes, beach flip-flops, and more. Sharing toenail clippers and other personal hygiene products are common ways for spreading fungus, too.

Don’t skip the sunscreen

We often forget our feet when applying sunscreen. Protect all of your skin this summer by adding sunscreen to your feet and ankles. Don’t forget the sides of your feet, the tops of your toes, and other places that we often ignore. Avoid adding sunblock between your toes as that is the ideal location for fungus growth. Keep watch and notify your podiatrist of any changes on your feet, including color or shape changes to moles. We’re here to help.

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